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Japanese Idol Group Chicken Blow the Idol


CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL is a Japanese idol unit formed in 2021, consisting of four members: Asuka Kazahana, Mayo Fujiwa, Tsubomi Ruiru, and Mikan Akari. They are a live idol group that combines the concept of a weak punch with school uniform-like costumes and youthful rock sound. As the four members are shy and weak-willed, just as their concept suggests, they used to have negative thoughts and tremble before every live performance at the beginning of their formation. However, they now have a strong mindset and believe that they are the strongest on stage.

On September 26, 2023, which marks their second anniversary since their formation, they have decided to hold a solo concert at TOKYO Zepp Shinjuku with a goal of attracting 1500 people.

Their single なんて寂しい夜なんだ ("What a Lonely Night") is starting to pick up here in the US and they are in California for a performance at a major festival.

Check out the Live video below.

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