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Alternative R&B Artist Chin Injeti Debuts “Expensive”

They say that loving someone romantically comes with a cost, but most of the time that cost can be worth it. When you really love your partner, you are willing to spare almost anything to make them happy. Chin Injeti embodies this feeling in his new alternative R&B single, “Expensive” feat. Jarrel The Young.


Synth pop guitar grooves open the song and give it an almost trippy vibe. It channels the feel-good vibes of Grace Jones' 1987 song "Crush", which has a somewhat similar feeling of relishing the thrill of love. After Injeti's sonorous vocals sing the first verse, the song's pre-chorus kicks in and pushes the song to an exciting height.


"It's expensive

But I’m obsessive

Oh when push comes to shove

I deserve it."


Of the song's inspiration, Injeti states, "Expensive is a song that was inspired by 80s synth pop and forward-thinking artists from this era, that weren’t necessarily in the mainstream.  The main inspirations were David Bowie, Ultravox and Grace Jones and is about celebrating the decadence of Love and all it comes with."


In fact, the pattern of the verse, pre-chorus, and hook combined with Injeti's vocals, and the production encourages the listener to lose themselves in the music. Like Grace Jones' "Crush", it knows that love can give you an epic rush and wants the listener to savor this feeling.


Injeti states that this drunk sappy feeling shared in that song is intentional in the production. "The visuals and song were created in my studio using real hardware and analog tape and drum machines to recreate the same feeling of a record from 1984."


Born in Hyderabad, India and having to survive polio from birth, music therapy treatments helped facilitate his motor skills — ultimately changing his life. His path towards the craft became clearer when Injeti teamed up with then-partner DJ Khalil with whom he made multi-GRAMMY and JUNO Award-winning music with and for the likes of Dr Dre, Eminem, Drake, Pink, Aloe Blacc, The Clipse, Lecrae, K’Naan, and more.


Getting his official start in an in-home studio built by his father and brother, he also fronted the JUNO and Much Music Video Award-winning band Bass is Base, won SOCAN’s Songwriter of the Year Award, and enjoyed years of creating, touring and performing with the likes of The Fugees, The Roots, Jamiroquai, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and more.


"Expensive" is the newest release in a slew of singles that have included "Yuh", "For The Love of Life", and "Sparrow", among others.

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