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Hazel Gaze Release Classic Rock Single "Who's Sorry Now"


Exciting news for rock enthusiasts—Hazel Gaze dropped their latest single, “Who’s Sorry Now,” and it's bound to ignite your classic rock soul. The track captures the essence of 70s rock with a modern twist. Think fierce electric guitars, raw, heartfelt vocals, and a narrative that resonates deeply with anyone who’s ever felt undervalued in a relationship.

“Who’s Sorry Now” is more than just a song; it’s a lyrical journey exploring the universal theme of moving on from a toxic relationship and the bittersweet realization that follows when the one left behind finally grasps the magnitude of their loss. The track embodies the feeling of empowerment and self-worth, making it an anthem for anyone who's had to walk away to find their true value.

The track's infectious energy and dynamic instrumentation will transport you back to the golden era of rock while offering a fresh, contemporary edge. Songwriter and producer Russ Soper explained the creative vision behind the song, saying, “Sonically, I wanted the song to be reminiscent of the 70s, which was such an incredible era for music across so many genres. Having lots of big harmonies was important, combined with vintage keyboards that were also so prevalent at the time. I’ve always loved the vibe of an overdriven Wurli—it’s the epitome of the 70s sound. The music is based around that, along with a Clav and B3 for added measure! And Hanz absolutely nails that raspy rock ‘n roll vibe perfectly, like so many of the iconic vocalists of that time.

The creation of “Who’s Sorry Now” was a collaborative effort steeped in nostalgia and technical finesse. Russ Soper handled the writing, production, and engineering from his Brooklyn studio, bringing a wealth of experience and a love for vintage sounds to the table. The drums were recorded by Daniel Alba at Studio G, with mixing duties also falling to Alba of Megafonic, and the final mastering touch was provided by Oscar Zambrano of Zampol Productions.

The band lineup for the track is a testament to their versatile talent. Hanz takes the lead on vocals, bringing a gritty, soulful quality that’s reminiscent of classic rock legends. Russ Soper not only produced the track but also played guitars, keys, and percussion. Konrad Payne provided the bassline groove, while David Cornejo's drumming added the powerful backbeat. The lush backing vocals, which add depth and richness to the track, were performed by Abby Ahmad and Rebecca Rubin. Daniel Alba offered his expertise as a production consultant, ensuring every element of the track came together seamlessly.

Accompanying the single is a new music video directed by Patty Sway, promising to deliver visuals that match the song's emotional intensity and nostalgic feel. The video is set to be a perfect complement to the track, adding a visual layer to the story of heartbreak and redemption.

“Who’s Sorry Now” follows the release of Hazel Gaze’s previous single, “Dirty Little Secrets,” which dropped just last month and received a warm reception from fans and critics alike. The band continues to build momentum with each release, cementing their place in the rock scene as a force to be reckoned with.

For those eager to keep up with Hazel Gaze and their latest projects, make sure to follow them on social media and check out their official website. This is a band that’s not just reviving classic rock but also pushing its boundaries with each new track.


Hazel Gaze hails from NYC. Their 2017 debut was the brainchild of Guitarist / Keyboardist Russ Soper and Lead Vocalist Hanz, creating music purely for the love of it.  Blending 90s rock

influences ranging from The Black Crowes, Lenny Kravitz and Soundgarden to 70s icons such as Led Zeppelin and Humble Pie, the material was recorded in Russ’ Brooklyn basement studio. After highly-successful NYC shows, the band took a COVID-inducted hiatus, during which Russ crafted the material that would become Hazel Gaze II. Joined by Konrad Payne (bass), Mary Jo Verruto ((Keys / vocals), Molly Klein (vocals) and Spiros Arnakis (drums), the band is eagerly anticipating bringing their music to NYC-area stages.


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