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Grammy Nominee Sam Peezy Presents "The Standard"


Hailing from the college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and currently in Atlanta, Georgia, 4-time Grammy nominee, and Billboard charting Super Producer Sam Peezy’s sound has been a long time coming. Sam Peezy, formerly known as Sam Addams, has been in the music business since 2000, since inking his first deal with EightWays Entertainment, constructing beats for the legendary Southern Hip Hop group 8Ball and MJG. It was after a stint with the group that Sam Peezy would become a staple on the beat battle scene, winning several internationally renowned beat battles in Atlanta, Ga., Tallahassee, Fla., and Charlotte, NC.

In recent years, he's garnered 5 Grammy nominations and charted on Billboard 17 times, along with 4 DRT charting number ones. 

Learn more here at Sam Peezy's official website:

Check out the album below!

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