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Musician/Filmmaker Jessica Silber Celebrates Love With "It Hurts to Love a Woman"


Musician and filmmaker, Jessica “Jess” Silber recentlyreleased her debut music video, “It Hurts to Love a Woman”. This visually captivating piece has already garnered accolades at prestigious film festivals and awards ceremonies, including the Global Music Awards, The IndieFEST Film Awards, and the New York Short Film Festival, among others.

In a poignant tribute to self-love and acceptance, Silber chose Valentine's Day as the perfect backdrop for her evocative narrative. “It Hurts to Love a Woman” delves into the queer journey of two almost-lovers as they navigate the complexities of self-discovery, confidence, and desire. Silber's innovative filmmaking approach employs both high-end and humble camera setups, emphasizing the contrast between two distinct experiences within the same space.

Silber wears multiple hats in this project, serving as both songwriter and director, to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally resonant story. Reflecting on her creative process, Silber explains, “I wanted to explore the power of memory and how it shapes our perceptions of love and pain. This film is not only a personal journey for me but also a reminder of the importance of prioritizing self-love and authenticity.

The music video features an original song written by Jessica Silber, arranged and produced by Rob Taube, and recorded at Groove Garden. With Jesse Coyote as Director of Photography and a talented cast led by Kristina Bermudez and Morgan Coyle-Howard, the project boasts a stellar lineup of creatives and collaborators.

Jess Silber encourages viewers to embrace the celebration of self-love and empowerment. This poignant narrative promises to captivate hearts and minds alike, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. 

Watch the video below or click here to stream on you favorite platform.

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