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Valentina Cherico's 'Dance Until The Sunrise': A Universal Dance Anthem

Valentina Cherico, a rising star in the cross-genre music scene, has released her latest single, "Dance Until The Sunrise," capturing hearts worldwide. This powerful anthem marks a significant step in her evolving journey in the pop and R&B realm.

Crafted at home with her father Mickey Cherico's assistance, the track infuses Disco with modern Pop Funk, featuring contributions from the family band, Casanova, and polished production by The Vault Recording Studio in Pittsburgh.

The accompanying music video brings an imaginative twist, depicting a lively party at a Studio 54 and Soul Train-inspired venue, humorously disrupted by dancing aliens, reinforcing music's universal appeal.

"Dance Until The Sunrise" embodies unity and healing through music, resonating with diverse audiences. Valentina's aspiration is to bridge generations and cultures through her music and dance's unifying power.

Valentina's musical journey is deeply rooted in her family's musical heritage. She has collaborated with acclaimed producers in Pittsburgh and New York and made a significant breakthrough at 16, co-writing an original song with Grammy-nominated producer Roy Hamilton III.

Her music is reaching global audiences, with streams in over 89 countries. Prior to this release, her ballad "Teach Me How To Love Again" achieved notable success across various digital platforms.

Beyond music, Valentina has honed her acting skills in musical theatre, further enhancing her performance abilities. Her musical influences include icons like Selena Quintanilla, Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera, which shape her unique style.

Valentina's mission is to create music that inspires and uplifts, utilizing her natural gift to connect with her audience. "Dance Until The Sunrise" invites listeners to embrace joy and movement, showcasing her talent for crafting songs that resonate on a profound level.

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