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Nichel MOLIAE Releases "You Know Me"


Nichel MOLIAE is a published author, screenwriter, songwriter, lyrics, Director and the host of podcast show Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond from her book "Mitsrayim: A Memoir of a Past Life In Ancient Egypt" that that boasts over 12k monthly downloads that hones on true love, relationships, family and purpose thru the power of choice from Ancient Mystery School of Thought of Egypt. In her first debut forthcoming album "When Love Was Divine" she wrote the lyrics of the songs sung and arranged the composition of her producer to create themes of finding loving, balancing in relationships with compromise, respect and the power of choice. Newest song released on Thanksgiving Day ; "You Know Me" and soon another to be release with the eta release date of the full Album. More INFO here; for purchase of the preremix.

Nichel MOLIAE with other brands of her MOLIAE Production:

Nichel MOLIAE’s newest single "You Know Me" is an experimental and empowering hip-hop track, featuring artists Jadhe and Fai$al. The song explores the theme of finding the right person your true love at the wrong time and the song creates a dramatic atmosphere with its bombastic beat and catchy lyrics. It transitions into a laid-back rap flow complemented by R&B-style melodic vocals. | Listen to the full version | Kings and Queens luxury healing of essential body oils like in ancient types get "Ankh Ra 360" Prime | NFTs collection: "Pyramid Mystery Temple Reunion" 10k Classmates of Pyramids
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