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Feels Like Honey Releases Debut Rock-Pop Album "All Things Endless"


Hannah Jane Boissonneault, the multifaceted talent behind Feels Like Honey, has unveiled her inaugural album, "All Things Endless." This 11-track masterpiece intricately weaves elements of indie rock and chamber pop, featuring standout singles like "All the Flowers," "Meet Me in the Marigolds," "Videotape (feat. Grayson Jarvis)," and "Feels Like Honey."

In "All Things Endless," listeners embark on a soul-stirring journey, immersing themselves in a world replete with vulnerability, transformation, and self-discovery. The album seamlessly combines the warmth of live instruments with deeply reflective lyrics and Hannah's emotionally charged vocals. According to Feels Like Honey, the album delves into the liberation that comes with relinquishing things that no longer serve us. It explores the relief, the lifting of burdens, and the guiding light that leads us back home.

The entire creative process behind "All Things Endless" is a testament to Hannah Jane Boissonneault's prowess. She not only wrote and performed the album but also took charge of its production, engineering, and arrangement. The album was masterfully mixed by Michael Martenson, with additional engineering by Corey DeRushia, and Noah Slate handling mixing duties for "All the Flowers," originally by Radiohead. 

Notably, the album features contributions from a diverse array of talented musicians, including Amanda Beaune (violin), Alexis Berry (viola), Nick Chard (drums), Jiwoon Choi (flute), Joshua Devries (cello), Daniela Diaz (violin), Ford Fourqurean (clarinet, bass clarinet), Christina George (flute), Danielle Gonzalez (vibraphone), Grayson Jarvis (synthesizer, vocals), Andrew Huot (piano), Jacob Perry (drums), Mason Spencer (viola), Ally Szeles (clarinet), and Jon Vokal (guitar).

"All Things Endless" stands as a testament to the enduring power of authentic, heartfelt songwriting and Feels Like Honey's remarkable ability to infuse every note with raw emotion. With its release perfectly timed for the autumn season, it mirrors the transformative nature of this time, inviting us to shed the past and embrace the limitless possibilities of the future.

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