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Alternative artist Jane Debuts New Single "Dreaming" Before EP


LA-based alternative singer-songwriter Jane., shares pensive single "Dreamingout everywhere now, along with an accompanying visualizer, ahead of his forthcoming dreamy EP Celeste, due out March 31 and available for pre-order now via Good News Only.

"Dreaming," the fourth track on the five track project, is a soothing search for peace and hope as Jane. attempts to hold onto the belief that society will progress positively, despite the deep-rooted issues that plague American life. Unlike previous releases, "Dreaming" carefully tackles more complex, real-life issues and offers a quiet place of refuge, even just for four minutes.

Jane. shares that today's release is his favorite track on the forthcoming project, and recent events encouraged the song to pour out of him. "I felt the need to address some real issues that are repeatedly happening in the country I live in and this song felt like it evoked the right emotion to do so." On the creative process, Jane. says, "I started playing some chorus on the piano and the verse melody just fell out of me. Every record there’s a song that just writes itself and on this project, 'Dreaming' was it."

With his honesty and desperation for a better world on full display, Jane. adds, "The chorus might be the most poignant part of the song. I repeat, “I don’t understand.” It's purposely such a simple line. I really don’t understand. No one does. The song starts on an optimistic note as I still have faith change can be made, but as the song progresses that faith is lost. I still don’t understand."

"Dreaming" follows the previously shared, honest and intimate "Beach Inside" and quietly courageous "Sun In My Eyes." "Beach Inside" immerses listeners in a peaceful sonic world through the singer's uniquely captivating vocals that offer one no choice but to be fully present with the music. Over three minutes and thirteen seconds, the singer aims to escape the chaos of everyday life in search of peace and purpose, and ultimately, trusts there could be more to life than what meets the eye. The track opens with a soft, "I still believe there's something bigger than what we can see / Something inside of you lives inside me." In pursuit of a place of complete calm and harmony, Jane. explains the track, "is a song about peace. I can’t help but deny the idea that this is it. Or what we see in this reality, is all this life has to offer. This chaos will not define my reality."

While the subject matter across the forthcoming project can be somber, "Beach Inside" includes bouncy production that subtly evokes the sense of joy the artist aims to find, painting a true portrait of the human condition. Jane. continues, "This metaphorical “beach inside our heads'' is an escape. It's one of the first times I've experimented with groove for any Jane. projects. The song has a certain “joy” in the production that I wanted to almost avoid for this project, but I ended up feeling it was necessary to have on the project as it's such an important part of our human experience."

The title of the forthcoming five track EP, Celeste, is taken from the Latin word meaning "heavenly," and holds tracks that led the singer down a path towards further discovering himself, his pain, and his route to healing and subsequently, his spirituality. Jane. explains, "It's a representation of my journey mentally traveling to the heavens to deal with this pain. To ask questions. To make confessions. To heal. To try and define how my spirituality plays into this pain." By sharing his own experiences of pain, Jane. hopes to help others better understand their struggles. Jane. continues, "There's beautiful moments and songs on the project, but overall, it's something of a cry. It may even be a call for help. I have this recurring message of truth and honesty, and as I keep growing as a person, and growing as an artist, I keep feeling the need to share. To share what I find out as I grow. At this point I feel a responsibility to it.”

Paraj Jain, the writer, producer and singer behind Jane., was raised between India and the U.S. to an Indian father and half-Black mother. The multiracial artist grew up bouncing between homes, unable to see himself reflected in media, and unsure where he fit in. Now, through the latest iteration of his musical project Jane., a play on his last name, the musician is ready to reintroduce himself as he fully embraces his own identity, unpacking his lived experiences and further establishes his musical vision. leading with honesty and spirituality, meeting himself exactly where he is.

Celeste was produced by Jane. himself, along with Peter Labberton (St. Vincent, Sleater-Kinney, Parquet Courts, Weyes Blood), and Mike Derenzo. It was mixed by Labberton as well, and mastered by Jeremy Lubsey.

"Dreaming," out everywhere now, finds Jane. imagining a safer, more just world over a synthy, building beat and gripping vocals. Celeste, the ethereal forthcoming EP, is due out March 31, and is available for pre-order now via Good News OnlyKeep up with Jane. on InstagramFacebookTwitter and TikTok, and stay tuned for much more to come from the rising singer-songwriter.

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