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Ciara Leah Releases "Love Money" Debut with FACTOR


Singer-songwriter Ciara Leah has released her debut live studio album, Love Money, featuring 5 tracks including her singles “27" and “Love Money.” The project was funded by FACTOR and is available on all streaming services on Monday, January 2.

Co-produced alongside Juno-nominated producers Chris Rouse and Thomas McKay, Love Money is a declaration of faith, a celebration of love, and a social critique, all at once. A fun, smooth R&B soundscape, the album features emotional yet consummate soul vocals and harmonies from Ciara Leah, as well as many jazz solos on keys.

This project is about community – ‘it’s a family affair,’ to quote Sly Stone. My best friends are all over the project and my children have included their unique signature, as well,” says Ciara. Industry veteran Thomas  McKay has curated a safe space to create, which is important to me as a new  artist and as a woman. And Chris Rouse is dangerous in the best way. He brings ‘funk’ and ‘feel’ and he is probably the most underrated artist I know. They have both mentored some of the greatest and most successful talents to ever come out of Toronto. I am truly blessed for this opportunity.”

The project is funded by FACTOR (the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings), which is a public/private partnership that supports the production of sound recordings by Canadian musicians and helps Canadian music companies make recordings available to a wider public.

The album was written by Ciara O’Reilly and Chris Rouse, and produced by Ciara O’Reilly, Chris Rouse, and Thomas McKay, with recording engineering by Ciara O’Reilly, Thomas McKay, and Vic Florencia, mixing by Ciara O’Reilly, Chris Rouse, Jesse Bear, Andrew Chen, and Attila Toth, and mastering by Jesse Bear and Attila Toth. It was recorded at Exeter Sound Studios, Revolution Recording Studios, The Nest, and CL Studios.

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