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Adam Hicks Releases Single “Famous” About Entertainment Industry


Actor and rapper Adam Hicks released his second hip-hop single and studio performance video on Friday, Dec. 9th. Hicks wrote “Famous” to describe his private struggles with mental illness and addiction, which the public never knew about until his arrest in 2018. “Famous” is available on all streaming platforms and

“I wrote my second single, ‘Famous,’ about the behind-the-scenes of what it means to have fame and try to reach your goals, but life keeps screwing you over. I saw that even as a child, the entertainment industry always demands more from you, and the pressure won’t stop unless you get help for yourself.”

Hicks’ second alternative hip-hop single is for anyone dealing with mental health issues, addiction, or personal issues who feels stuck in their life but still wants to chase their dreams. Listen to “Famous” on any streaming platform or watch Hicks’ studio performance video on

Rapper, actor, and songwriter Adam Hicks is best known for his songwriting, rapping, and acting in Disney’s original movie “Lemonade Mouth.” After leaving Disney to star in Hulu’s “Freakish,” Hicks wrote dozens of songs expressing his life experiences that will make up his debut album as an independent hip-hop artist next year. 

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