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Shining Bright Amidst All the 80s Vibes, Pop/Soul Artist Nathalie Miranda Wants to Know: “Is This Love”

WATCH “It Is Love” (Official) via YouTube HERE

The ’80s are it right now, and Nathalie Miranda knows. In a powerful throwback soul/pop combo, her newest single “Is This Love” drums up nostalgia fumes rife with neon vibes and fluorescent lights all the way. 


“Is This Love” is a powerful mixture of 80’s synth-pop and love-at-first sight. Impassioned and lyrical storytelling is coupled with swells of synth-fueled serotonin spikes as Nathalie Miranda’s infectiously soulful timbre spirits listeners. 


“Is This Love’ was actually the perfect follow-up to ‘Battle Scars,’ which had a 70s rock/pop sound,” Nathalie Miranda shares. “‘Is This Love’ was always meant to be a nod to 80s pop music — which is my favorite music decade — so I thought ‘why not follow up a 70s sound with an 80s sound?’” 


Nathalie Miranda’s most recent release capitalizes on everything great about modern production as she reimagines the virtues behind 80s pop music. With plenty of headroom, “Is This Love” is as full as our favorite Donna Summers’ remasters, creating an anthemic feeling throughout the entire composition.


“My producer worked on a retro production but with modern elements and, when I heard it for the first time, I had the biggest smile on my face! This song would finally allow me to live out my 80s popstar dream!’”  


However,n o 80s pop song is complete without a music video, especially one where balloons fall from the heavens. Nathalie Miranda checks all the boxes in her debut music video for “Is This Love,” using her connections as a breakthrough musician to really make this production complete; taking advantage of local venues and a bit of home reorganizing creates the perfect aesthetic for this breakout synth-queen. 


“I took inspiration from 80s artists like Kylie Minogue and Madonna, but my main reference point was ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ by Whitney Houston,” she explains. “I loved the colors in her video and the way everything was fast-paced. I even bought a purple dress similar to the one she wears in the video! It took a bit of searching but I found something very close, and it worked perfectly.”


Nathalie Miranda is a London-based pop/soul artist whose earned respect branches from her power-house vocals and incredibly soulful voice. Best characterized as the UK’s response to US Uber Divas, Miranda’s voice and energy is single-handedly laying the foundation for a break-out in the music industry.


Nathalie Miranda has a knack for experimenting with different styles, pushing through the red tape of being boxed into a single genre – let alone industry standards.


Inspired by legendary musicians of the past, Nathalie Miranda takes inspiration from her idols and effortlessly adapts it into her own inimitable sound. Her unmistakable vocals have caught the attention of many producers internationally who’ve invited her to co-write and feature on many dance tracks.


“Is This Love” is available now

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