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New Video "Hate in Yo Heart" from Skrilla49 feat. Lil L Reminds Us to Always Look Out for Snakes


Skrilla49 and Lil L, two Compton artists who have seen the darker side of life, take fans on an emotional journey in their latest video "Hate in Yo Heart." The video begins with the rappers living the good life, surrounded by beautiful women and opulence. But Skrilla's mind-blowing bars aren't about celebrating, they carry a warning to never let your guard down no matter how good things seem.

You won't ever make it if your heart is filled with hatred/ Beware of smiling faces and the fake congratulations/ Be careful how you take it cuz it's all manipulation/ They wanna see you fail, they waiting with anticipation...

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The melodic track for "Hate in Yo Heart" echoes the foreboding lyrics, and Lil L adds to the pensive feel of the song as he rhymes about fake love and the trauma of not being able to trust anyone. The contrast of the beautiful surroundings and the painful reality of the lyrics sets the scene for the cinematic drama that unfolds by the end of the video.

As Skrilla himself has explained, "Hate in your heart is the jealousy and envy...we deal with it every day in the ghetto where we come from. The killing at the end of the video is an example of how you can be chilling laughing with people you grew up with and as soon as they see you successful that's when they'll try to snake you. Sometimes it don't be your enemy out to get you, it be the ones close to you. Slime and snake is trending fashion in the world of hip hop and the streets today, and that's the message."

With a captivating sound and emotional story, "Hate in Yo

Heart" is proof that the Mud Dogs collaboration album between Skilla49 and Lil L is elevating the level of rap music. See behind-the-scenes shots from the "Hate in Yo Heart" video shoot below, and tap in with Skrilla on Instagram to watch the rest of this compelling story unfold.


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