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NC Wordsmith Jacobi South Comes "FoolSircle"

A new wordsmith has entered the rap realm. Jacobi South is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based rapper captivating his audience one song after another. Through his meticulously crafted 16s and enticing flow, South is cultivating a music legacy not to be forgotten. 

South began rapping in his sophomore year of high school. He used to think rap was artists telling their stories with the incorporation of rhymes until he took his first creative writing class in high school. South discovered the intricate details and structure truly involved with poetry during his time in the class. From then on, Jacobi South strived to demonstrate the beauty of poetry through his penmanship and music.

Creating a song is not just some simple task for Jacobi South. For South, it’s almost ritual; it’s a precise methodology that involves a connection with the Beat that allows him to complement it in the best way possible. South extracts inspiration from both old and new music and culture pioneers. South finds himself inspired by rap legends such as Nas, 2 PAC, J Cole, Lil Wayne, and more, but his biggest musical inspiration stems from Michael Jackson. South admires Michael’s immense work ethic, musicality, and impact. As Jacobi South continues to create, he diligently works to achieve mastery in his craft like legends before him.

Listen to his singe "Foolsircle" now in rotation on Global Urban Radio And be sure to follow Jacobi South.
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