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Cenza Pays Tribute to Iconic Women in Film in "Unhinged" Music Video

Cenza (chen-za) has released her debut music video “Unhinged.” Campy and celebratory in nature, the video unapologetically commits to iconic film performances that Cenza has grown up with. In the video, Cenza explores release from the routines and product oriented mindset of every day life as she transforms into influential film characters from the 20th century. 

Director Jean-Luc McMurtry brings this high concept vision to life by both stylistically honoring the original films and bringing them into the modern era with clever camera tricks and lighting gags.

“It’s reflective of my experience during quarantine in that I tried to entertain myself in fun ways but also felt like I was at war with myself,” says Cenza. “I’ve always been attracted to stories where ‘crazy women’ are the centerpiece. Through the years, these characters have really been there for me and have taught me to let go, so this music video is, above all else, an act of self love.”

The video pays tribute to performances in films including Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966), Opening Night (1977), Mommie Dearest (1981), Annie (1982), Frances (1982), and Misery (1990) and is dedicated to the memory of Cenza’s late grandmother, Nancy M. Citarella, who introduced her to these characters.

Unhinged is a VLV Media and Records production directed by Jean-Luc McMurtry, created and produced by Emily Keefe and Jean-Luc McMurtry, executive produced by Tony Citarella, Linda Citarella Asaro, and Charles Haine, with cinematography by Fawwaz Allie, editing by Jean-Luc McMurtry, Frank Dale Arroyo, and Brian Chen, coloring by Patrick Badescu and Jean-Luc McMurtry, and post production by VLV Media and Records and Straight Shot Post.


Cenza (chen-za) is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer. Influenced by grandiose divas of a by-gone era, Cenza is known for her fiery, unapologetic, and theatrical persona. Alias of actress Emily Keefe.


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