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Emily Sara Explores Identity in Multi-Genre EP and Short Film


Singer, actor, and filmmaker Emily Sara has released her 6 song visual E.P., Mismatch, now available on all streaming services and for view on YouTube. The multi-genre visual E.P. explores identity and belonging and features a mixed group of musicians ranging in styles including R&B, Latin jazz, alternative pop, spoken word, and pop soul. 

When Emily moved to Wisconsin for college she had little idea of what to expect. Coming from an Iranian American/German Jewish family living on the east coast, she felt like a complete outsider and was afraid to put herself and her identity on the table at first. Slowly but surely she met others who felt as she did, learned about their stories, and began to explore herself in this new state. College is a time of intense growth, and she made this album with some of the people who showed her how much she really does belong.

“The last song, ‘Falling,’ was written after I saw Afghan citizens on the news clinging to the wheels of airplanes as they took off. They were trying to escape their own country which had been re-taken by the Taliban days earlier. Those videos replayed in my head until I could find a way to write about what I was feeling. Afghan and Persian culture are closely tied. The languages especially are very similar,” says Emily. “Part of this song was an attempt to process the grief and love I have for our Afghan neighbors. Part is a call to action. I wanted to make sure to widen my own gaze and encourage others as well. While suffering continues in our own homeland, we should not forget the suffering that comes with a homeland lost. When I listen to this song now, I think of all the new Ukrainian refugees and send strength and hope to them in their loss.”

The E.P. is accompanied by a 32 minute short film from Stretch Your Eyes Productions, written and directed by Emily Sara, produced by Emily Sara and Alex Quade, with cinematography by Alex Quade and mixing and mastering by Nathan Glaser.

“Everything to Me” was written by Emily Sara,  performed by Emily Sara, Moreau Halliburton and Nathan Glaser, and produced by Nathan Glaser; “Rid of You” was written and performed by Ricardo Jimenez, Emily Sara, Nathan Glaser and Alex Quade and produced by Nathan Glaser; “Mirrors” was written and performed by Emily Sara and produced by Emily Sara and Alex Quade; “Same Team” was written by Emily Sara, performed by Emily Sara, Nathan Glaser, Alex Quade, and Ricardo Jimenez, and produced by Nathan Glaser; “Journey” was written and performed by Emily Sara and produced by Emily Sara and Alex Quade; “Falling” was written by Emily Sara, performed by Emily Sara and Nathan Glaser and produced by Nathan Glaser.


Emily Sara is a crossover singer, actress and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. After studying classical voice and opera in college, she decided to start expanding her vocal technique, writing her own music and exploring different performance platforms like film and experimental theatre. Her work explores cultural and feminine identity and attempts to stretch listeners’ and viewers’ conceptions of genre. Emily’s first single, “Take my Hand” was a nod to doowop stylings, while her second project, a visual EP called ‘Mismatch,’ traverses R&B, pop, Latin jazz and spoken word. 

Emily joined videographer Alex Quade to start the music film production company “Stretch Your Eyes Productions.” In their first full length film, “Unpenned,” Emily grapples with the often sexist classical music cannon and re-tells the stories of female operatic characters in their own voices. Emily starred in and self-directed the film and received Honors from her alma mater at its release.

Emily has also performed opera in both Italy and the United States at festivals and through university productions. She is committed to making classical music more accessible for modern audiences and will continue to tie it into her projects.


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