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Chelsea Reject drops her latest single 'Woe'!

Chelsea Reject is a Brooklyn based artist who made her way onto the scene with her 2015 debut album “CMPLX” released by brooklyn hip-hop label, Duck Down Records. Her debut album received high praise from journalists and fans alike. 

It's obvious that Chelsea put a lot of work and thought into this project. "CMPLX" is a great listen front to back because she wants every song to have an effect on the listener. Each song has the bars, the flows, the hard hitting lyrics, and the cool vibes. The production is very clean and she rides each beat with ease.”

Since her debut album, Chelsea has grown as an accomplished artist touring worldwide in Japan, Europe and North America. She has toured alongside some of the biggest hip-hop acts like Method Man & Red Man, Pro Era, Cypress Hill and more. 

 During Chelsea’s time touring throughout Japan and Europe. She saw an opportunity to become a better version of herself. While in Berlin, Chelsea spent a lot of time working on her second album, ‘This Is Not My Final Form,’ released April 8, 2019. The project featured artist such as Mick Jenkins, Dirty Sanchez 47 and more.

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