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whereisluna Releases New Single "Cheaper"


Toronto's rising pop songstress, Amy Han a.k.a. whereisluna, is releasing her single "cheaper," a catchy romp that deals with mental health, physical vices, and driving full-throttle into red flags.

Beginning with a jumpy acoustic intro that morphs into a lively trance pop-rock ode, "cheaper" is relatable for anyone who has looked for temporary solutions to deal with their periods of mental strain. In this case, whereisluna, decides to distract herself with a person.

The chorus has the line "but sleeping in your bed's cheaper than a therapist," and it perfectly summarizes the idea of the song—clinging to the misleading, but victorious moments that make you feel good instead of getting lost in a mountain of self-doubt and therapy. It's also ridiculously catchy and will stay in your head hours after your first listen. 

Unlike many pop songs about mental health, the song is not self-deprecating. On the contrary, whereisluna knows exactly what she is doing in the moment and even sings of the "red lights" flashing in her mind, but she decides it's the best move for now. 

whereisluna is the kind of artist who is not afraid to sing about her vulnerabilities, a raw/refreshing take in a pop star world of recycled tropes.

"This song talks about mental health, sex, and zero fucks left to give. It’s being fully aware that you’re not in great shape, mentally," she says. "It’s having a good time and choosing the temporary solutions because therapy is expensive as fuck and I’m at least going to be satisfied and sad than horny and sad."

whereisluna has been writing songs since she was 13. She taught herself the guitar and found quiet late-night moments staring at the moon and rehearsing on her family home balcony. This is where the whereisluna moniker comes from—a combination of where her head is at and the reminder of her humble balcony beginnings.

For a long time, songwriting was the only constant that made her feel happy, but she always lacked the confidence to share her music. Eventually, something clicked and she began releasing music and hasn't looked back. She also collaborates with another pop artist/producer, Mindy.

"Songwriting was and still is the most cathartic process for me so I NEED to write. I write just about every single day," she says.  

"cheaper" will be followed up by a re-release of her  "quarter century pity party" single next year. whereisluna is also working on a new single and has plans to release an EP sometime down the road.
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