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Fiona Grey releases Black Mirror inspired "Sick Of It" music video


Dirty pop artist Fiona Grey uses her new music video to shine a light on how the contemporary beauty myth is a toxic illusion that is being sold to us. The colorful and thought-provoking official video for her acclaimed new single, “Sick Of It,” is premiering now on YouTube HERE

“‘Sick Of It’ was inspired by the modern fixation with unrealistic beauty standards and our obsession with looking like an idealized version of perfection.” says Grey. “Selfies are not inherently bad, but there is so much pressure on us to present ourselves as flawless on the surface that we can lose sight of who we really are. I realized that I fall victim to it as much as anyone else, and I wanted to provoke a dialogue about it by creating this video. Hopefully by showing myself in a vulnerable light I can inspire others to accept the beauty in themselves.”

Sick Of It” is available now at all DSPs and streaming services HERE. Produced by GRAMMY® Award-winner MNDR, the track has been met with a wide span of critical applause. “The catchy ‘Sick of It’ takes shots at our modern age of impossible beauty standards made even less possible by social media filters and other dysmorphias introduced with our increasingly online lifestyles,” wrote FLOOD alongside an exclusive stripped-down “Neighborhoods” session version of the song, performed on top of an ambulance in LA’s Studio City and streaming now HERE.

Named as 2018’s “Best Pop Artist in LA” by LA Weekly, Fiona Grey is on the frontier of a new range of the genre, creating what Galore hailed as “the kind of lady pop that makes you want to leave the house without underwear on and make a mistake with a bad boy next summer.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has become known for her live shows at beloved venues such as LA’s Troubadour, NYC’s Webster Hall, and performances alongside such diverse acts as Charli XCX, Foals, and KITTEN, to name a few. Grey fascinates audiences with her theatrics, visual concepts and lyrics that explore a culture under everchanging beauty standards, predisposed to and obsessed with unrealistic societal dreams. Her messages are as much of a look outward as they are deeply introspective, carried by catchy, feel-good, obsess-worthy instrumentals.

2018’s acclaimed Cult Classic EP proved worthy of its name, earning both critical applause and a fervent fan following with singles like “Money,” “Girls Like Me,” and “Dirty Dream.” “If you find yourself drawn to the sounds of Charli XCX, MARINA and Sky Ferreira,” declared Ones To Watch, “then Fiona Grey might just become your latest obsession.

Last year saw Grey return with the powerful “Kerosene,” joined by an equally potent music video streaming now at her official You Tube Channel HERE. The track “adds another dose of electricity to her already formidable body of work,” wrote Atwood Magazine, while LADYGUNN raved, “Both edgy and explosive, ‘Kerosene’ provides a cinematic portrait of the escapism offered by pop culture...the kind of song that resonates universally and internationally.

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