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Slayyyter Reimagines "Troubled Paradise" with Vevo

Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Slayyyter worshiped pop culture from afar as a devoted fan of top 40 stalwarts like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. She realized early on that if she was ever going to hear the music of her dreams, she was going to have to make it herself. 

Fast forward to 2021, Slayyyter is praised as "a key player in the next generation of retro-futuristic pop stars" by DORK following the release of her new album Troubled Paradise. Inspired by Dante's Inferno and The Wizard of Oz, Dazed has applauded the project as "a thrilling addition to the hyperpop canon – a melting pot of genres and delicious, scream-along pop choruses."

Slayyyter's sound is rooted in a desire to escape the complications of the present day. “I feel like everyone’s brain was turned off,” she says to The Guardian, “It was vapid in such a fun, cool way. Now everyone’s so overstimulated with all this information, the world is in flames, the environment is heading towards absolute destruction – everyone’s longing for the days of pop music when there wasn’t so much doom in the air.”

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