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International Fashion Model/Artist Phreckle$ Debuts "Because of You"

Phreckle$, singer/songwriter/rapper and internationally-signed fashion model out of Los Angeles, CA, just released her first EP/Album, Out the Cocoon, and the music video to the single, "Because of You."

In the words of Phreckle$: "Both the album and single are about going from a dark place growing up, of not fitting in, not being able to trust anyone, and feeling like I don’t belong, to healing, finding my people, finding what I’m good at and the things I love doing, and helping others."

Phreckle$ grew up playing instruments, first trumpet and then bass guitar, in four different punk bands. Her sounds are a unique blur between the lines between pop, hip hop, and rock.

Click Here to stream the album on Spotify and Follow @iamphreckles on Instagram.

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