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NOLO GRACE debuts new single, “Miss Perfect”


Catchy, quirky, and unapologetic, “Miss Perfect” is an alt-pop-R&B anthem of individuality and female empowerment. A pure reflection of her reinvention, it takes inspiration from her journey of shedding her corporate identity and destructive thought processes. Teamed-up once more with her partner in songwriting, Natalie Elaine Bortolotti (Warner/Chappell), and co-produced with Martin Wave (Vince Staples/Alok /NCT-Dream), “Miss Perfect” is a journey of Nolo Grace breaking away from what once held her back, and leveling-up for her future to follow.

The song marks the 5-year anniversary of a cycle of her transformation, taking inspiration from her journey of shedding her corporate identity and destructive thought processes. With two Ivy League degrees and following a steep rise as an executive in the corporate and non-profit worlds, Nolo Grace found herself in a place of complete burnout. The string of troubled romantic relationships mirrored the harshness of the hostile environment she has created for herself. She decided to leave that all behind and embarked on a nomadic quest around the globe and eventually to Los Angeles, where she ended up settling in 2017.

Describing the track, Nolo Grace notes:

“’Miss Perfect’ so perfectly marks the completion of a cycle for me—of creating the life I have always dreamed of—by coming to a place of self-love and self-acceptance. I wrote ‘Miss Perfect’ the day before I moved in with my then-boyfriend as LA was going on lockdown. We had only been dating for 3 months, and two days later we were married and living in quarantine together. I found myself in quarantine developing as a producer/artist and focusing on personal growth and low. It was a period of going inward, and now I’m ready to share and engage with the world.”

From the soulful vocals to the addictively hybrid R&B/Club vibes, hypnotic synth lines, and impressionistic soundscape of the music surrounding her, “Miss Perfect” reveals the many X-factors of Nolo Grace on full display.

Nolo Grace’s new single, Miss Perfect, is now available on every major music platform. A music video release is planned for the weeks to follow. Excited to share her latest with listeners from all corners of the map, and ready to continue surging through the rest of the year with a slate of singles, music videos, and an album to follow.

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