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Composer Michael Vincent Waller Fuse Classical & Trap


New York composer Michael Vincent Waller - under a new moniker MVW - releases “Survey Says,” the lead single from his Classic$ EP available via AWAL this Spring. Embracing the worlds of classical, trap and reggae, the song blends dreamy textures and minimal classical tones over a bounce-worthy track. Female singer/rapper Shanique Marie of Jamaican collective Equiknoxx celebrates the pride and joy of unity and self-love on the vocals while co-producer Lex Luger flips Michael Vincent Waller’s original composition “Love 1” - from his album Moments - into a hypnotic and mesmerizing sample. 

MVW explains, “Classic$ blends hip-hop and contemporary classical music in a very hybrid setting. Rap music has sampled classical features for decades, but rarely do we see post-Philip-Glass minimalism incorporated, where these neo-classical cinematic influences are at the melodic core of the entire production. This sample-inspired composition process yields new results in the introspective and hypnotic textures in trap music.”

“‘Survey Says’ is about absolute positive self-worth,” adds Shanique Marie. “Working with Michael came naturally as we both came from classical backgrounds. I grew up as a trained jazz vocalist and Michael is a classical pianist. Everything just gelled. That’s why we are on a journey to make even more music to make people feel good. This has probably been said before’s only the beginning! Don’t sleep on us!”

As a composer, Michael Vincent Waller has released three full-length albums via Unseen Worlds, Recital and XI Records. Previous release 2019’s Moments was revered as “absolutely sparkling” by Exclaim!. Meanwhile Pitchfork raves that “every note and gesture on Moments seems to be deeply felt and philosophically weighed before a hand touches a piano key or lifts a mallet.” 

Michael has collaborated with musicians and producers across genres such as Jlin, R. Andrew Lee, Stephane Ginsburg and William Winant. Additionally, he’s performed at Carnegie Hall, Roulette, Palais de Tokyo Museum and was recently named “New Artist Of The Month” by Musical America Worldwide.


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