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Maria La Nova Releases First Single with Dream-Like Vocals


Maria La Nova- AMSTERDAM - has released a new original track with The Online Recording Studio, with her debut single ‘Break My Heart’ across all major platforms from March 10th 2021. Working with The Online Recording Studio’s Marlon Percy, Maria has developed a brand new original track with dark instrumentals and dream-like vocals.


Maria began her career humbly, singing as a karaoke hostess in Hungary and Japan, where she realised she had the potential to perform professionally. During this time, she started to train her voice and take singing lessons, which has developed her voice into today’s recording artist. Maria was also previously classically trained to learn piano, which later helped with her songwriting process and allowed her to accompany her performances with piano and keyboard. 


She also had few more public successes in Hungary, including Hungarian X-Factor (X-Faktor). Maria placed an impressive 24th but chose to leave the competition to pursue a more organic way into the industry. She later formed a duet with Peter Szikszai, another X Factor participant, shortly after her exit.


Although experienced with songwriting, Maria notes that she only really became creative after moving to Amsterdam and starting a duo called Cherie van Gazelle. The pair were successful and featured on the renowned Sofar Sounds, a Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers. During this time, she became involved with the Dutch music scene and local musician communities in Amsterdam -  where her songwriting started to bloom. 


Now in 2021, she is releasing her solo single ‘Break My Heart’, which was inspired by one of Maria's personal love stories. ‘Break My Heart’  is all about the dating game and the rules of attraction. It follows the narrative between Maria and her crush as they navigate their relationship, with Maria not being afraid to be heartbroken and feeling unbreakable. It’s a powerful pop hit with deep bass and beats, perfect for a chill summer playlist.

When you talk to Maria about her inspiration behind the track, she’ll tell you how she and Marlon created a particular atmosphere that is dark, mysterious, but not at all sad. The vibe of the song matches exactly what the song is about. Maria is very open about the deeper meaning of the track, and how it captures a big part of her philosophy about love: that love doesn’t have to be easy and comfortable. 

“I wanted to capture the moment when we get too involved in a connection, even though we know that will be painful. Although it looks like I know what I am doing, and I am strong, on the deeper level, I am actually becoming a victim of heartbreak.“  - Maria La Nova

As an artist, Maria has come full-circle when it comes to what she stands for. Her early career was fame focused, but now she wants to share her message with people and make someone's life better by giving them her music. Her main goal is helping people process their feelings about love and relationships, as she believes Music is a powerful tool for healing. This intertwines in all aspects of her life, being a psychologist by education, where her main focus is relationships and love.”

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