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Kiks Launches New EP "Up Before The Sun"


Following the success of 'Ray Of Light' in October 2020 that propelled Kiks to new heights, Kiks's new EP is set to capitalise on the recent wave of support for his music.

Having achieved a consistent increase in monthly listeners and followers on Spotify, Kiks is quickly gaining momentum with young Aussies in the rap and hip-hop scene. 

'Long Days' & 'Feelin' Blue' are the leading tracks from Kiks's upcoming EP, pairing smooth laid-back vocals with vibrant and exciting beats. 'Feelin' Blue' explores themes of love and personal growth reflecting on a relationship that changed his life. Kiks states:

'I spent so many years living in a place of addiction, anxiety and self doubt. This song is all about my personal journey, falling in love with a woman, and realising my full potential and all the things of which I am capable of."

'Up Before The Sun' was released in March 2021 on all major streaming platforms.

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