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Kannon Ent.’s Roster Is Heating Up With Two New Music Videos


Talented hip hop act, Roster, drops two new videos for “Wuhan” and “Black Lives Matter” featuring LA natives Deverio and Rozell and RNB female vocalist I.Khan, daughter of the legendary Chaka Khan

 Kannon Ent.’s Roster is looking to help millions of music lovers across the globe start the New Year on a high even as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world as he releases the videos to “Wuhan” and “Black Lives Matter.” Roster offers an artistic expression of his feelings back in March when the pandemic initially hit the world. In a similar vein, Roster is currently working on a project titled “Conspiracy Theories,” where he raps about contemporary issues, including the virus and police brutality.

 The music industry has evolved over the years, thanks to the amazing contribution of artists, music producers, and record labels. The emergence of talented singers has ensured that music enthusiasts are constantly treated to the best of sounds. However, rap, which continues to remain a major part of the hip-hop culture, seems to have lost the features that endeared it to millions of people across the globe. Consequently, Roster of Kannon Ent. is looking to challenge the status quo in the rap game by using his talent to tell real-life stories subtly.

 “I feel that I’m going to bring just genuine energy back to the music business from a creative standpoint having fun while being original and making music that can stand the test of time. I want people to feel good when they hear my music. I want them to learn and grow when they hear my music, ultimately making music that lasts forever,” said Roster.

Roster was able to use the lockdown period for self-development, stating that the pandemic brought a different level of awareness and consciousness to his thought process of making music. This claim seems to have been substantiated with the release of the videos to “Wuhan” and “Black Lives Matters.”

 “Black Lives Matter” serves as a follow up to the “Wuhan” video, as Roster stayed focused on chronicling the challenging times in 2020 as he aims to use his music as a tool of change. The videos have been doing good numbers across digital platforms, enjoying rave reviews from rap lovers.

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