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Hip Hop Radio Station JMO Radio Sells Out Inaugural Award Show in Las Vegas

Earlier this month, Las Vegas hip hop radio station JMO Radio held their inaugural JMO Radio Music Awards at Xtreme Comedy Club in Las Vegas. The music award show celebrated the achievements of independent artists and included live performances. The event was hosted by comedian Irv Gotti of Richmond, CA and included catering by The Hasan Kitchen (New Orleans originated now based in North Las Vegas). Before the doors opened, the event had already been sold out for a week and followed all mandated health and safety protocols.

JMO Radio founder Slim created the award show to acknowledge the independent artists who have been so supportive of her and JMO Radio. Frustrated by the unfair biases at independent award shows she was inspired to do something about it. “They don’t give everyone a fair chance so I wanted to change that,” she says. “I wanted to even the playing field and give all artists a fair shot. All they gotta do is grind.” Because of the nature of other award shows, Slim and the JMO Radio Music Awards believe in transparency and honesty. “At JMO Radio Music Awards every vote counts, I even post the voting ballots after the awards so they can see their numbers and what type of support system they really have.”

In a time when people are looking for some form of normalcy and release, the JMO Radio Music Awards delivered. The high energy night filled with laughter, smiles, and live music also had some emotional moments. Rapper Cliche Chyan won “Best Female Artist” and delivered a tearful dedication to her recently deceased aunt. Slim commented, “that moment really touched my heart because I lost my favorite auntie and to see how happy she was to win that for her aunt made me happy. [The] crazy thing is Cliche Chyna won by one vote, when I announced how close it was she said ‘That one vote was my auntie, that was her’”.

Slim is beyond grateful that her first event was not only sold out but also for all the positive messages and videos she received after the event. Though exhausted, she’s excited for the next event and to continue to support independent music on her station.

JMO Radio is a 24 hour streaming hip hop radio station based in Las Vegas, NV. Slim also hosts the self-titled “JMO Radio Show” live every Thursday from 7-8pm PST.

For more information and to listen live visit and follow @JMORadioShow on social media.

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