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Harlem Rapper King Cachi is Taking Over Miami

Recently grabbing Label attention, After Establishing many sounds and creative styles, Harlem Rapper & Miami”s newest Sensation “King Cachi “ has really developed a thing for this “Lil Hefner” character he goes by! His alter ego one might call it. From the robe wearing to the variety of woman, he is really giving us a modern day Hugh Hefner on his social media. Somehow incorporating the lifestyle into the music and videos. His debut project Cachi vs Hefner is set to drop sometime In the new year! We are all looking forward to hearing the new style and bounce of Lil Hefner! In the meantime here is “Movie” the latest single released by King Cachi. We’ve gotten word that the video is on the way, and snippets were seen on his Instagram @kingcachi ! Be sure to look out for this animated superstar!

Download and stream “Movie” on all major music platforms today!!

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