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DJ Screw Tribute Gets Adapted to Sony Pictures Feature Film


Sony is set to turn Director and Cinematographer Isaac Yowman's DJ Screw proof-of-concept tribute into a full-length feature film. Yowman and DJ Screw's family recently closed on terms and entered a development deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment, with Yowman serving as an Executive Producer on the tentatively titled ‘All Screwed Up’ biopic. He will be working alongside Maia Eyre, VP of Creative Production at Sony Pictures, and Jeron Smith, head of Sony’s Incubation Lab. The Incubation Lab, Sony reps tell sources, is described as a “culture-forward content incubator.” They started the conversation with Yowman early in 2020 about the adaptation. 

“Jeron and Maia have been extremely helpful and transparent in navigating me through this process. They’ve committed to making sure my voice as a black filmmaker is heard and the team we’re building is super solid. I can tell Sony genuinely wants to see me grow as a creative, and that means a lot. The family is happy and so am I,” says Yowman. This year marks 20 years since the death of DJ Screw. In the two decades since his passing, his slow, pitched down and chopping techniques have influenced the music industry’s biggest artists such as Travis Scott, Beyoncé, Drake and more. "Fans of the culture deserve this," explains Yowman.

Sanford Panitch, president of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group, said in a statement about the Lab that the “mission of finding fresh voices and new kinds of storytellers is foundational as we navigate going forward... We look forward to the new projects that will undoubtedly come out of this.” ‘All Screwed Up’ is slated to be the first film to go into production under the Incubation Lab umbrella in 2021.

In 2018, Yowman served as the Director of Sony Pictures and Marvel’s Venom Brisk commercial campaign, and the following year Netflix commissioned him to direct multiple brand spots for Travis Scott's "Look Mom I Can Fly" Strong Black Leads channels. Beyond studio and network projects, Isaac has also directed content for major brands such as Airbnb, Adidas, ESPN, Ciroc, Reebok and Ford Motors to name a few. 2021 marks 10 years of Yowman leading his minority-owned production company IYO Visuals.

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