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The Game ft Lil Wayne - A.I. With The Braids

Today, Compton rapper The Game debuts a new single “A.I. With The Braids” featuring Lil Wayne. The Mike Zombie produced track is the first song from The Game following his critically-acclaimed album 
Born To Rap released in 2019. With its hard-hitting beat and confident verse, “A.I. With The Braids” uses The Game’s signature storytelling chops to pay tribute to legendary NBA all-star and friend Allen Iverson.

“A.I. with the braids is almost single handedly responsible for most if not all trends you see in hip hop & professional sports these days…” The Game says of his inspiration. “Every kid including myself wanted to be Allen Iverson, from the baggy jerseys with the diamond chains, to the designs in his braids & whole swagger. Girls were in love with him & he was pound for pound the best player in the NBA. A.I. went from being my idol as a kid to being my brother in real life, so it’s only right I pay homage.”

Game adds, “He didn’t care what anyone in the world thought of his style, he just did him....& back then we had a little “A.I. with the braids in all of us.”

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