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Alt Pop Artist Lola Menthol Releases "Never Settle


Alternative artist Lola Menthol (California)  has released her new song and music video Never Settle October 18, 2020 now available on all digital streaming and download sites .

"Never Settle" dropped yesterday with wonderfully chaotic accompanying music video. Lola Menthol's new song "Never Settle" expresses an incredible amount of individuality and has a unique vibe all its own which is distinctive attribute of the artist. The mix of the soft and sweet and dark and sexy inuendos throughout the video takes the viewer on an intense ride. The project just proves that Lola did not come to play and she is here to make her artistic presence known. 

"Never Settle is about not accepting less than what you think you deserve. Not stopping until you’re proud and definitely not giving up against the doubts of others. I wanted this to be confident and aggressive to reflect how stubborn we should be when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams." -Lola Menthol

The song  was produced by PVNCHO (John David Darling) and engineered by AncrNotOkay (Josh Dunn) and a Lucky 1S Media production.

Lola Menthol is an artist born and raised in Yonkers, New York. She has been making music in her bedroom since she was 8 on an old acoustic guitar. She continued to do so until deciding to take an independent professional route in 2019. 
She's curated many shows in NYC to provide a platform for herself and other underground artists in her circle. She has performed and recorded projects in various cities like Brooklyn, Vancouver, Richmond, Hollywood, Yonkers, Peekskill, Portland (ME), Portland (OR), Nashville, and Manhattan.
Lola not only has a passion for music but for filmmaking too. She has produced and directed all of her music videos so far and is extending her creative vision and production expertise to  other artists with her production company LUCKY 1S

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