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Naptown MC Jim E MacLIVE releases "I Love You"


Naptown native, Jim E Mac has been putting it down regionally for years and preparing for a major

comeback. Born in Indianapolis, Jim E Mac migrated west to Long Beach, California before eventually

returning to Indiana where he perfected his style. A well respected recording artist and entrepreneur,

Jim E Mac has been co-signed by some of the realest in the game, including street legend the Real

Rick Ross.  Leading the way by setting new standards is the only way to prevail in the new industry. 

A multi-faceted businessman, Jim E Mac is also the founder of the Single Mothers Rock initiative. Believing that a nation of people can only rise as high as the women of that nation, the purpose of Single Mothers Rock is to help empower single mothers with not only resources but knowledge and business assistance.

His latest single, “I Love You” is a lighthearted move in a new direction under the name Jim E MacLIVE. With an uplifting message and danceable melody, Jim E MacLive has broken into the Top 15 on the Digital Radio Tracker Global Top 150 Independent charts. 

Stream and Download the uplifting new single "I Love You" by Jim E MacLIVE below and follow @JimEMacLIVE on social media.

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